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iTouch Simulation

Activity 1: Native Apps

Activity 2: Native Apps
Using Google Earth, Google Latitude to find out some infomation.

Activity 3:
(Paper Toss)

Activity 4:
Science (Crayon Physics)

Boing Boing Video - They might be giants - Meet the elements

Brainiac: Alkali Metals Podcast  can download iPod version from

 Activity 5:
English (Stanza, Kindle, iBooks)

Looking at to download Stanza desktop app + have app on device Publishing your ebook



 Activity 6:
Geography (Historical maps of the world, Crop For Free, Etch a Sketch, Comic Touch Lite, Puzzle Palace)

Refer to iTouch Simulation for Process

 Activity 7: Anzac Day
(SimpleMindX, Word Cloud)

Activity 8:
Music Creation (Djembe Kit, iPandeiro Lite, iTimbales)
Going to use these apps to create a percussion ensemble and create a rhythmic piece and record to use as a soundtrack.
Refer to iPhone Orchestras


Activity 9:
Music Performance
(Street Orchestra + ISW Audio Editor)
Learning to play the app, synching to the other devices, recording the performance and then editing.

Activity 10: 
Art (Brushes, Crop4Free, Swanko Lab, Safari)
Using the tools provided draw a portrait of yourself or someone else. (choose a particular style i.e. watercolours, pencil drawing)

Use a 2nd tool to enhance your painting or add a speech bubble/arrows to explain your philosophy behind your painting.

Share your drawing with someone else..using Whiteboard/Doodle Buddy

Using Sonic Pics-create a podcast on Portraits ( find diff