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Steps for iTouch Simulation Exercise

Go to the "Historical Maps of the World" App.

Select the ______ map. Take a screenshot (home button + on/off button at same time).


Tap the App "EtchASketch", touch screen to activate.
Tap 'i' (Menu) to load your photo> Load background >select blank map of Australia>

1st Person
Tap the "Change Colours" icon. Choose a colour.

just "YOUR" state (or choose a STATE)

 HAND THE iPod Touch to your right.

2nd person

Tap on the 'i' (menu) icon.

Select "export to Photo album" and tap "Cool". It's now saved to your Photos folder on the iPod.

HAND the iPod Touch to your right.

 (3rd Person)
Tap the Comic Touch App.

Select the first icon (face) and choose "Saved Photos". Select the new Australia map.

Tap the caption icon.

Double Tap the "Caption" bar.
Enter the abbreviation of your state (or a state of your choice). i.e. TAS, WA, NSW.

Tap back. You can now move this caption anywhere.

HAND the iPod Touch to your right.

4th Person:
Go to the icon with the envelope (3rd across on top bar).

Tap "Save comic to photos".

Tap Marc Cuban's Puzzle Palace(timed)

>new game
>my library
>find your photo you want to use as a puzzle
>tap to select photo

Swap with the person next to you to get them to solve it!  

Choose difficulty level
>tap puzzle piece -hold and drag to puzzle space- until you are finished!
Check your time!

Tips for this activity:
If you are going to use a picture, you will need to shrink it to a size viewable on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

You could also use a slide from a presentation for this exercise. Simply save your presentation as .jpg files and repeat process as below.

I used to resize the photo. (Free online photo editing tool)! Crop4Free is the App you could use on your iPod Touch/iPhone to do the re-sizing.

Then I saved the photo and added it to my iPhoto library. When your iPod is synced to your computer (Photos tab) then the photo will appear in your photos stored on your iPod. You can then use it in other apps.